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Originally Posted by FDM68 View Post
+1 was to be my statement. Having been in a few of the countries "overthere" I have seen stupid crap like that often. Those people over there really have no concept of how to drive normal let alone pushing!
Blanket statement?

Having lived in Saudi Arabia for many years some time ago, I do agree that there's plenty of foolishness that goes on. On the other hand, I have also met some of the most skilled drivers I have ever seen driving some of the sweetest rides. I would say that it is more extreme than "the West" ie the bad drivers are really bad whereas the skilled drivers make a lot of our "track junkies" look positively amateur.

I suppose we could all be German: boring, devoid of humor, and with nationalistic tendencies. There's a blanket statement for you (and not one that I truly believe...but you get my point?)
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