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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
My manual states not to use E85, but I can't comment on yours. And, as I stated before, anyone is free to use whatever fuel they want, but should be prepared for any problems that might arise in a car that is clearly NOT equipped for "flex-fuel" capability.
And white wedding dresses are for virgins. We got it, BMW says not to use e85, and downpipes, single turbo swaps, fmic's piggies and flash tunes. But this is an enthusiast board and you're in the modifications forum. So the e85 ghost stories as I call them are the same that I was reading in 2004 on evoM, 2005 on nasioc, and stand in the face of years and years of use in the n54 itself. It's 2012, we will evolve as they did!