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Prob gonna attempt this later today or tomorrow. I've felt around and it seems it would be a little cramped to get the blow dryer behind the fender. Did you that did the installation turn the wheel to give a bit more space?

Update: Turning the wheel did help alot.

Well I got it done, the follwing are my observations and notes.

- I needed to use a flat head screw driver to get it started, I began with heating the the top 3/4" (I'm estimating) right side of the reflector as I started on the left side of car, I was able to get the flat head in there it began to give. You can hear the adhesive coming apart.

NOTE: If you do opt for the the screw driver, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT twist or flex it back and forth. As many have said this part of the fender is very very delicate. I made a few tiny indents nobody will ever notice when i was getting started. I wasn't able to use a card at the start, just wouldn't fit where I started, perhaps if you cut it in half. I noticed there's not a lot of space where I started so thats why the flat head worked for me.

- Also I felt like a nucklehead but at first I was trying to get the reflector to give and didn't realize I was actually trying to peel the actual reflector from the base it sits on, obviously that is not the way. In my defense i couldn't see what I was doing. So I grabbed the iphone and used the camera, flipped the screen it so i could see the inside of the fender well via iphone, this helped tremendously.

- Once I made headway, I ran the screw driver along the bottom of the reflector from the inside of the fender. Again, DO NOT TWIST the screwdriver, apply gentle pressure and heat while slowly pushing along the bottom of the reflector and watch the adhesive give easily.

- After that i moved up the other 3/4" (I'm estimating) side of the reflector, once the adhesive gave way I had the sides and entire bottom loose. I THEN used the card through the outside of the fender and slowly and easily worked my way until the reflector peeled off. I suppose I could have used the card for the bottom of the reflector but I stuck with the flat head and applyed gentle pressure from the inside of the fender.

- The remaining adhesive easily peels off in your fingers. Look at your removed reflector to see where there are peices of adhesive missing and it'll help you find whats left stuck to the fender.

- After that just stick the new one in and enjoy!

got it

wheel position

One of my tools. As you can see the card gets pretty thrashed.

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