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Originally Posted by El_Duderino View Post
Blanket statement?

Having lived in Saudi Arabia for many years some time ago, I do agree that there's plenty of foolishness that goes on. On the other hand, I have also met some of the most skilled drivers I have ever seen driving some of the sweetest rides. I would say that it is more extreme than "the West" ie the bad drivers are really bad whereas the skilled drivers make a lot of our "track junkies" look positively amateur.

I suppose we could all be German: boring, devoid of humor, and with nationalistic tendencies. There's a blanket statement for you (and not one that I truly believe...but you get my point?)
Ah first of all I'm not German, good attempt at a nationalistic insult...though I do agree at your assessment of the German psyche and second outside of Abu and the tracks and drivers there...most of which are not from the middle east....they can't drive. Sure they have really nice cars....easy when your loaded...but still no skill....not that it's any better any where else, it's just more prominent there because not a single one of the countries there have any kind of drivers education. Now my intent was not to insult just to point out a me the world is full of poor drivers, go to Paris if you really want to see something or any main highway in the US is you want to get run off the road by some dumbass soccer mom texting on the way to pick up her 4 fat kids....