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Sales Reps of Tischer / BMW of Silver Spring Review Help

Hi guys,
I need some input on who I should exactly talk to when it comes to getting a car from Tischer in person.
I went there today after setting an appointment with Lonnie Overby and he was a complete dick.
Is this the type of service I should expect there or is it just him? I got my 07 335 from OttosBMW in westchester, pa and dude there, Ralph Nofsinger, was on point.
This Lonnie guy showed my fiance more attention than he did me and he pretty much seemed like he could care less if he sold me the car or not. Are they doing so well there that customer care is so poor? Another customer was getting into a heated exchanged with another sales rep while i was there.

Went there to negotiate the 08 M3 Coupe he has there. We talked about it on the phone.
I wanted to trade my CPO 07 335 w/sports package with 86000 on it. Dude offered 12000 or 13500 if i put the chrome trim back on a the 162s. KBB is about 17000 and nada is about 17000 - 18000 i think.
i said i couldnt do anything with the offer and dude had this o well look and then gave me the peace sign when i got about 40 feet away and he finally asked what i wanted to get for the car. he also said i would get a little more for a trade since it was 1 yr left on my CPO while we were on the phone yet it clearly did not happen when i got the car appraised.

i understand negotiating but dudes demeanor was just wrong. he didnt remember we had an appointment. NEVER invited me to his desk. all of our talking happened on the floor. acted like he could care less if i got the m3.

i think he profiled me because im in my 20s and might have the look like i dont make a ton of money but i do well for myself, but by no means am i rich, and really feel like i shouldnt have to dress to impress to buy a car. he just had this look when he saw who i was in person.

should i call up monday and talk to the manager or just keep it moving and deal with a dealership that wants a sale?