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Well I just thought I would provide an update - it's been a while. After having the install done, the dealer was raving on about how awesome it is - when really it was just way to bassy (and crap sounding bass too) and there was absolutely no midrage that could be heard

Flicking over the AMP switch from 1 -> 2 made it sound much better and I was content living with that for a few months. Finally I received a coding cable and finally thought I would give it a go to see if it would sound better. Just like my post a few months ago I only changed one value on the CIC module (there is only one line where it has stereo in the trace) which I changed to say hifi.

I flicked the AMP switch back to 1 and wow..... the difference is just awesome. The balance is perfectly balanced and not overbearing at all and it sounds far more "punchier" if thats a way to describe it. Definitely if you have an Alpine kit and haven't had it coded - you HAVE to do it! I thought I could get away not doing it but the difference is like night and day. Just awesome!!