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Originally Posted by Evil///M View Post
But wouldnt that throw a code no matter how much PSI is in the system?
What we colloquially call a "boost leak" code actually is a turbocharger under pressure code. The DME will request a certain load, then the DME will set a requested boost in order to meet that requested load and it's then up to the WGs to make that happen. If the DME cannot achieve to requested boost(or if it does not achieve it quick enough) then it will trigger a 30FF under boost code. The more boost that is requested the more likely you are to trigger the code if there is a small leak. It is a lot easier to meet an 8psi request than a 16pdi request.

The most likely cause for this is a leak(s) in the cold piping. Another thing to check is to the vacuum hoses connecting the vacuum solenoids to the actuators for cracks or other defects.