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Originally Posted by INFURNO View Post
It's my 6th car.. and now I'm about to move to another city. Buy a house. Considering starting a PhD program. Maybe get married. Guess I'll have to wait and see how these pan out.. I may end up on your side of the fence. story developing

Just wish my 330i didn't crash in value so badly.. I don't owe anything so it's not a big deal. I guess that's why I'm still holding on to it - depreciation is done and now driving for free.

Are you still 20, for that was really the measuring age for my comment? If so, six cars in four years sounds like a lot bad decisions, or inordinately bad luck, to me.

But congrats to you if you have your bachelor's degree, mortgage, and spouse all lined up by just 20. I hope two of those three milestone events work out well for you. (There can't really be much to detract from having one's bachelor's by age 20.) If they do, you'll have a big head start on life.

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