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It leaves me thinking, If he could offer me a 30-40-50k job now, should I move and do it? I have an older long time friend who would move with me and split rent. I just feel that even after sinking into debt with school, I still could come out with the same job. But then what if I am in need of a degree down the road?! So many scary thoughts... Both of my parents did not attend college and are incredibly successful for not attending. Also, my boss did not attend either...

My car is payed off, I pay about $1000 a month now to live.

What do any of you recommend? Stay in school at a rate of $$$ per year or start life now? I would basically end with my AA. Also, what if I did online schooling such as the University of Florida online business school?

I appreciate any help
Generally speaking, finish school. Without a degree many doors will not be opened enough to be slammed in your face.

What is your major? What would a career in your field be expected to pay, realistically? $50k is not bad for right out of school, but if that is the best you can expect to do, it is not worth it.