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Drives: 2011 535xi 8AT
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Another coding success.

My cable arrived from one-stop ahead of scheduled and I managed to cobble together enough of INPA, toolset32 and NCSExpert to get started with my 2008 E90.

I have:
  • added digital speedo
  • permitted comfort close from remote
  • stopped IHKA AUTO button from turning on the AC
  • changed my battery to an AGM from a flooded type (updated VO to CAS and FRM, coded CAS with new battery string) - none of the howtos I found seem to cover it all, they do one half but not the other
  • registered the new battery (using Toolset 32)
  • enabled ventilation timers on my URAD2

I am still seeking:
  • any possibility of enabling weather band (no iDrive)
  • tuning the IHKA for more/cooler airflow (INTENSITY) particularly when there's low solar load
  • get DIS or similar fully functional so that I can exercise ABS during fluid flushes, reset all adaptations, DIY the "scheduled maintenance" which is a glorified code read
  • look into module software updates via WinKFP (scary - may not bother)