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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post

Ok it's a quiet morning so let me tell you a story.
I know this one girl, known her since she was 18 and she is now 25ish. When she was 18 she was a very attractive red head with ice blue eyes and a great ass who time and time again would only date asshole tool and then bitch about it to all of us at work and then well...the next guy was no different. The number of guys she dated who rocked wife beaters / neck tats / pink polo shirts was epic! She went after NJ Shore trash like whale sharks go after plankton!
Sounds just like a friend of mine, and quite amazingly, she hasn't been knocked up yet. She just broke up with her most recent Jersey shore look alike d-bag boyfriend and will most likely end up with another guy just like him. The amusing thing is that she will always complain how these guys don't treat her right, but when she has dated a nice guy type, she gets bored quick. Girls like her always seem to want the excitement of dating a "bad boy" no wonder what kind of drama comes along with it.

Another friend of mine developed an interesting theory on why girls like her always date the same kind of guy even when they know if probably won't work out. His theory states that the first two guys a girl ever dates when they are young basically determines the type of guy that girl will be attracted and drawn to. In the example of my Jersey shore chasing friend, that is exactly the case.
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