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Originally Posted by roastbeef
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servers don't leave with nothing at the end of the night but $2.15 an hour definitely doesn't cut it.
if they didn't suck at serving, they would get a decent tip.

i tip well and appropriately to the level of service i receive. if a burger isn't medium well, thats not the server's fault, they didn't cook it themselves. if there isn't the side of bearnaise sauce like i ordered it with, and i have to remind them, thats sh*t service.
i should never have to ask for utensils. ever. thats just basic stuff.

i've worked my share of crap jobs- without tips.

the 'ol two $5's and a $10 trick is simply leveraging. i can think of a lot of other situations where if i felt like i was being leveraged, i would tell the person to hump a beehive. i don't see how servers are any different when they are trying to guilt money out of my pockets.

If the server splits his tips with cooks/chefs in the back then the server is equally responsible. If they share the tips (money) then they should also share the responsibility. We personally give him/her the order to send back to the cooks/chefs in the kitchen. If their job is to just take the order back and hand you your food then their job is no different than the job of the people that work up front at Mc Donald's. They too take your order and bring you your food and if you tell them you don't want onions on your Big Mac they yell back to the people working the grill "No onions on that Big Mac!!".