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Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
Is this thread even real...
Yes unfortunately it is.

Originally Posted by NYe60chrisIU View Post
LOL is this a joke?? why would you take your ex's opinion on your car??! you might as well have asked her "hey check out my new grilfriend! isn't she hotter than you???!"
you should be taking our opinion that's what were here for lol. your car looks great, not ghetto at all. ride height is perfect.
Haha no it’s not a joke…the only reason I even consider her opinion is she DID have good taste in cars and is an enthusiast. I also know she can be brutally honest. I think in this case she is lying though in order to get a rise out of me.
Lol I know people on here can be opinionated too this is this only place I can really get honest feedback! And thank you!

Originally Posted by Eugeinus View Post
Was just about to say the same thing.
Yeah it’s real this girl is a nightmare you have no idea…

Originally Posted by kbryce View Post
LOL @ you still fighting with her

but seriously, they def don't look ghetto at all

she's just jealous because her new bf drives a car meant for a 16 year old girl

your car looks great
HAHAHAHA thank you! It’s funny because she used to make fun of 328’s/128’s and automatic cars worse than anyone I know. Definitely a cute car for a teenage girl…

Originally Posted by holmes011 View Post
how did you fit your car in the kitchen? lol. but seriously, don't worry about it. the car is one of the best colors for the e92 and the wheels go perfectly with the window trim, very clean.
LOL! I’m actually going back and forth in my head on whether or not I should black out the trim. I’ve always been kind of against the silver trim but it does really compliment the wheels. And thanks about the color thing too. I do not regret getting this color at all and would probably get it again if I had to do it over again.

Originally Posted by TitanLH8 View Post
the M359s go very well with your car!
Thanks! I know CSL style wheels are “played out” but I think these really work well on the e90/e92
Originally Posted by MiloMia View Post
Why even takes any opinions about your car from you're ex? SMH... Car is perfect BTW.
I really try not too…she just knows the car better than anyone else. And thank you that means a lot I’m really trying to do this car right.

Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
Not ghetto, not too low. The real question is... why the hell are you still talking to this B1XXH?
Well I have her dogs right now…so she calls EVERY morning to “check on the dogs”. It’s really annoying and I can’t even block her number because she calls me from a blocked number. I even called at&t and they said there was nothing they could do. As soon as she takes the dogs I’m changing my number.

Originally Posted by BV335 View Post
The wheels flow well with the window trim. I do really really like the look of black on red though, your car would look good either way. If you did powder coat I'd darken the trim to match. Nice car and it's plenty low IMO.
Thanks! If I go with any other color on the wheels the trim will be blacked out at the same time! I just think that black might give it a little bit more of that sporty/race style…it’s just always hard to see the details on black wheels in pictures…might be different in person though.

Originally Posted by jonnylin1 View Post
looks great!
get some front lip then it will look lower as it is! I like the stance.
Thanks! I’m think aero lip, even though they are “played out” as well. I think there’s a reason a lot of people have them though, they look great! You’re stance looks so good…not really second guessing the low thing anymore now!

Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
dude how old are you?

1. your wheels look great..
2. stop talking to your ex.
3. why do you care what she thinks??
4. you should get over her
5. your wheels look great..

edit: i like the stance and you should black out your window trim to match the front grill
I’m 25
1. Thank you
2. I’ve tried she calls daily from a blocked number and will call and call until I pick up
3. I don’t but if my wheels truly look ghetto I would care about that
4. I am she’s a really shitty person
5. Thanks lol

I’m either going to black out the trim or go back to my stock grills so they match. The fact that they don’t match has been bothering me.
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