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Thanks! The last picture was actually taken at the "Fresh Meet" yesterday haha.

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Looks fresh, get a new GF.

Haha thanks! Iím not going to rush into m next relationship. Iím going to do a lot of research and thinking before the next one. Iím going to enjoy being single for a while and enjoy my car and actually doing things for myself.

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wheels look great...not ghetto at all...please stop talking to ex's...tell her to keep it moving..
Thanks! The last one left me alone, but this one is relentlessÖshe actually lives directly across the street now (with her new bfís family, he still lives at home) and watches my every moveÖItís like unreal...and she like knows what girls Iím hanging out with and stuff, even if I donít bring them to the house. I just got 3 calls in a row from her while I was in my meeting.

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Definitely not ghetto and do not raise it looks good as is. Sounds like she is bitter.
Thank you I didnít want to do anything ridiculously low. I think this is a nice compromise. She is quite bitterÖI did everything for that girl. Her life definitely changed a lotÖ

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Your wheels look great. I love those wheels and they look perfect on red, nice change from the red on black look.
Thank you very much! I think they look really good with the red too. A lot of people do go with red on black and that is one of the reasons I stayed away from the combo.

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this statement alone discredits anything that comes out of her mouth regarding cars. lol

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Very nice!!
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