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Seems like Charles is quite happy with his fixed height RS1 setup. See feedback thread here:

Originally Posted by CJ421
here is no longer a lack of damping with the JRZs; my brief runs on the track shows they are capable of creating exponentially more force. Their react-and-settle time for transient maneuvers – hitting bumps, turning, acceleration and braking – is immediate. Quick corners slalom turns and lateral acceleration in general is beautifully controlled; the car is poised and ready as soon as the steering wheel is centered. The damping happens so quickly and uneventfully that I had a lot of “wait – we did turn 5 right? I don’t remember it” moments. Yes, the damping is that well executed. Not having to wait for the car to react is one less thing my brain has to process and compensate for.
The RS1’s superb reaction times are thanks to many things especially the large piston; it can displace a lot of fluid quickly and its design goes beyond just being a big piston; it has a special tapered shape and … well, I’m not a physics expert. However JRZ figured this out, it works well.
The RS1’s ride is no harsher than stock. The damper curve (a graph of how a damper generates force relative to piston velocity) of the RS1 is such that despite their ability to produce far more force than the stock dampers, the compression and rebound movements have a natural feel. These forces are remarkably well controlled.
We do offer a height adjustable solution as well. That will probably be the more popular solution going forward.
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