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Originally Posted by Das335 View Post
You're talking to a traditional/OEM+style of modder here and I can tell you being brutally honest, there is nothing ghetto about those wheels.

The car could be raised a touch but I don't think the height it's at is necessarily "too low".

Saying all of that, if your ex's comments really are getting to you and you want to change things up, I think a gunmetal/black combo could also look gorgeous on your car.

Wow that actually looks really really good. Thanks! Itís easier for me to picture what it would look like now!

Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
I had those wheels on my last bmw. Got so many compliments
You could have been rolling on steelies and you would have got complimentsÖ Just kidding, I'm sure your car looked great with them!

Originally Posted by StretchNpoke View Post
I feel you man, i dont let lil things go unnoticed. I felt the same way about the chrome kidneys so i bought the black gloss cause i just "had to mod something" i just switched out the slates with chrome outer just to change it up now and then....just to calm that "bored" urge
Yeah that's kind of how I ended up with mine too. I was placing an order and wanted to save on shipping and was like hmmmmm, what else can I buy that's not super expensive haha. I have a feeling Iím going to be switching them around all the time too.

Originally Posted by 335 oClock View Post
she's your ex, what would you expect. haaaaterrr! looks clean !
haha thanks dude! I've always admired your car!

Originally Posted by ra2fanatic View Post
You shouldn't be talking to your ex in the first place!

Car looks clean buddy.
Itís not by choice trust me! And thank you!
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