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2 months post recall now problems start

Today I received the 999 miles until no start, DEF warning. Funny thing is I have only gone 4,000miles since the last time the DEF was filled up. (way too soon to have used it up) On top of that the car threw an SES shortly after.

Looking back in hindsight here are some warning signs that popped up:

Yesterday while driving there was an awful, VERY STRONG, ammonia smell filling the interior. I have a sneaking suspicion that was a huge chunk of my DEF.

Prior to the cockpit fumes I had about 2 tanks of diesel where I was lucky if I reached 300miles before refilling. I even had a tank where I barely broke 20mpg. (The lowest I have ever seen).

There were no power or drivability issues.

My car is at the dealership right now and I should have more info tomorrow. The service tech had a hunch that it is connected with the recent recall software programming but wouldn't elaborate.

I have never had any issue with the DEF system in the past. I just want to throw the warning out there so you guys can keep an eye out. Hopefully this isn't a problem caused by the recall that will start hitting our diesels en masse.