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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Agreed more power would be better but I should be able to get it to sound atleast as good as it did with the stock amp.

Agreed on both counts

Do you guys only calibrate the drivers seat or driver and passenger? There usually 2 of us in my car ( me and the gf )
Calibrate driver only until you get it where you want it, then calibrate it for everyone else
Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Still testing and making tons of progress, Def still room to improve but its getting drastically better.

I hope this ends up working good I primarily listen to techno and another thread I heard someone say "if you listen to techno maybe the logic 7 isnt a good thing"
some of the best sounding stuff in my car is elecronicish stuff. i dont normally listen to it otherwise.
Current Settings :
  • Sub = None
  • Front = 2-way, 35Hz subsonic filter at 18dBstill think this is pushing it, but your experince and testing should prevail over my opinion, 180Hz at 24dB Hi/Lo I figure 200hz won IASCA and even with better than stock drivers, I have found it works better than <200hz
  • Center = 1-way, 180Hz at 24dB
  • Sides = 1-way, 180Hz at 24dB
  • Calibration volume = -23dB
  • Main volume after calibration = -8dB
If I go higher than -8 on MS8 volume it sounds a little distorted so may try recalibrating at - 21/22 and see if it allows me to get cleaner output at -6 or so MS8 Vol
what kind of distortion sound?...what speakers?
Also may try the subsonic at 40/18 but so far Im getting good mid bass with mild distortion at higher levels but will continue to tune and post my results.
I might work down from 50 as opposed to up.

Anyone feel free to chime in or share any advice... Def making progress