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My sister went to USF and my mother works there. Since when does it cost $50k plus to attend USF?

Also doesn't Florida have some ridiculous deal for in-state students.. e.g. if you do half way decent in high school you get almost free tuition to an in-state school?

Stay in school and get your degree. Too bad you're not getting a technical degree. A good amount of engineering majors are 1) in demand, 2) pretty well paid right out of undergrad, 3) have good opportunity for advancement and increasing your salary in the future.

If school is that pricey sell the E90. Not sure how you have an E90 330i paid off and are in your sophomore year of undergrad. Education is more important than having a nice car in college. Most people I went to college with didn't even have a car... let alone a newer BMW.
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