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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Calibrate driver only until you get it where you want it, then calibrate it for everyone else
Ok cool I will try again @ 200hz/24 for all interior speakers.. I havent messed with them much at all.

All the tuning changes have been to calibration volume and the subsonic filter.. ( these are the only things that felt off ). Well at first.

Ill report my results for all speakers at 200/24 ( front / sides / center )

As for the Subsonic 35/18 was a little much its at 40/18 now and not bad ill try 50hz as well.. Do you think 18 is a good slope or should I try 40/24 as well?

The distortion isnt really distortion I may be using the wrong term, maybe its clipping.. Like when the volume gets to the upper levels and it just sounds like its not as clear. Like the volume is louder but like a screaming vs crisp loudness.

I think this is because of the wrong calibration volume I need to try a few more times. I mostly notice in the tweeters ( front/center ).

Maybe calibrated too low or too loud not sure.

Currently Im at

* Front = 2-way,
* 40Hz subsonic filter at 18dB, 180Hz at 24dB Hi/Lo
* Center = 1-way, 180Hz at 24dB
* Sides = 1-way, 180Hz at 24dB
* Calibration volume = -28dB
* Main volume after calibration = -8dB
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