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Just received my new Lux AE's

Hi Yall,
I just received my new Lux's 2 days ago. It was kind of a p.i.t.a. to install but I managed to make a little "tool" that reduced my install time drastically to like 20min total. All-in-all I'd say they are DEFINITELY worth it. They're a little washed out under direct sunlight or when looking directly from the top, but at a distance (i.e. normal other drivers) can see them really well. Now the night time............. these are some bright doggies. I highly recommend anyone that's on the edge, on whether to get them or not, to get them. Here are a few pictures I just took with my iPhone cam today. **Also, the camera shows them as a little blue, they are actually bright white, not blue/purplish looking. Also it's literally been raining everyday for the past 2 weeks here in Houston, Tx so the cars a little dirty so that may or may not affect the viewers perception, and the little bird crap on the hood , damn birds lol. But I'll try to take better pictures come the weekend.
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