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Garage List, I totally expected something else before reading this thread. I mean, I was completely ready to see some fugly half round chrome coated Pep Boys set-up.

You have one of those cars that I am sure looks even better in person. Call me biased because I have m359s on my 335i, but the truth is: "I didn't even like the wheels until I saw them in person".

And in person they look daaaamn good. So I wouldn't take one "off" comment from someone about the look because you are bound to get many many more positive responses about it.

Here are a few funny ones i've heard about my car over the last couple of weeks...

1. Damn, did it come that low from the factory? Wow, it looks really agressive..

2. Co-worker: "Is your car supposed to be that low?"
Me: "Without a doubt".
Co-worker: "It looks fast just sitting there".
Me: "LoL...thanks"
Co-worker: "Can you move your car away from mine? It makes mine
look even more POS...Thanks"
Me: "Yeah...if it really makes you feel better"

3. Sales Guy during a meeting earlier today...
Sales Guy: Swivelling around back and forth in his chair while looking out
into the parking lot; "Jesus, who's driving that silver 3 series. It's nice!"
Me: "No one dipshit. It's parked."

4. Random "Red Box Movie return guy"
Random Guy: Staring at my car, then me, then my car, etc..."Why does
your 3 series look so different from others i've seen? I mean, I don't
know what to say or how to place it. It's amazing.
Me: "Thanks for the compliments, it has aftermarket wheels and
suspension so it looks a little different."
Random Guy: "Do you want to sell it?"
Me: "No thanks, it's not for sale"
Random Guy: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Why do you ask?"
Random Guy: "Well, my wife has been begging me for a new 3 series for
months. After seeing yours, I'm convinced that if I bought it for her, I
would never have to hear her run her trap again."
Me: "LoL...good luck with that."

Enjoy your ride ...its hot. trust this...!