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Question You Make The Call #2: Who Is At Fault ???

i have been going to the same gym since for 6 years @ $60 month ($4,320). about one month ago while i was working out, the manager interrupts and tells me in short, they don't have a record of me paying for my membership for the last 2 years.

i was shocked and the manager told me she is speaking to the book keeper to see what is going on. found out later by manager there was an employee that was stealing cash from new membership sign ups and not registering it into the system.

later that week, i was at a beach house and got bit by my friends dog and got 8 stitches. haven't gone to the gym for a month and today was my first day back. the manager was at the sign in desk and immediately brought up the topic of my missing membership payments.

she explained she tried to call me numerous times (i never got a call) and thought i bailed because i disappeared right after we had the conversation. i told her i have a legitimate reason i was out and she rudely replied, "o yea & whats that?" i showed her my hand and she acknowledged and tried to joke it off matter.

she then tells me that after looking, they have no record of me paying for the past 2 years and asked if i have any receipts, records, etc. i have been going to the gym so long i just throw out the receipt like everyone else after they sign up; even if you did keep it, you're not going to have a gym receipt from 2 years back...

so to conclude, she said she is going to talk to the former employee that got fired and call the cops to get this matter sorted out along with i might have to pay the missing 2 years ($1,440). i said ok talk to the employee, you have my # give me a call anytime to sort it out and proceeded to my workout.

so i don't have any proof that i paid for the past 2 years, the gym doesn't have a record, and the former employee i doubt is going to say he jacked my cash. i feel i have done nothing wrong nor should i be obligated to pay the missing 2 years. it is the manger & business owner's job to make sure they hire proper employees and to keep a record of their financials; i mean if it took you 2 years to see you have no record, that just speaks for itself no?

so what do you guys think?

1. gym has no record of payments for past 2 years cause former employee was jacking cash and not registering in system.
2. gym wants me to pay the amount missing
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