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I dont know, I am a firm believer that in this day and age it has absolutely nothing to do with what you know and everything to do with who you know. I have several friends that have graduated from universities and can not find a job to save their life. The lucky few that have make maybe 30-40k a year and that is not enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, more like enough to pay the bills and sit at home. On the flipside, i have other friends that started working straight out of highschool (including myself) and now make anywhere from 2-4 times that. Alot of people i know have reached success not by going to a major university that they will be paying off forever, but by networking and building personal relationships in the marketing/sales/oil and gas industries etc... In the end its all up you, but i personally think school is bs. Just my.02 and best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.