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Originally Posted by JLee83 View Post
She's either looking to hurt you and just say anything that she knows will bother you - or she has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.
(Probably a little of both.)
No worries - your car looks awesome.
Now that I think about it, she has said a couple other things to me (like about her and her new bf) that I think were meant to make me feel bad as well. and thanks!
Originally Posted by toocool4yooh View Post
She keeps calling because she's jealous of your beautiful ride
Thanks! I’d be jealous too if I was in her shoes!
Originally Posted by gaza01 View Post
mate i really like it. love the tucked in look...not a fan of spaced out wheels.
Thanks! Yeah they’re slightly tucked. It’s hard to see but the tires are actually slightly stretched. I would rub if I went to 275, I’m on 265 right now. On the way to the meet this weekend saw a lexus hit a small bump…my car would have been find…but I saw/heard his lips smash into his fenders because there was literally like no gap. I still enjoy driving my car hard on turns sometimes!
Originally Posted by P1et View Post
SUPER clean and I'm the first to call EVERTYHING ghetto.
Haha I was just thinking that no one has said that yet!
Originally Posted by BIFCAIDS View Post
Stop being a queen lol
Lol you’re right
Originally Posted by sour07 View Post
I was expecting 22 inch no name chrome rims lol your ex is a hater bro
Yeah that’s why I was surprised and then I thought maybe the finish was too shiny or something idk
Originally Posted by SilverII View Post
Originally Posted by brembo325 View Post
no man,the look real great,where did u get them
Thanks! I drove to West Virginia to pick them up from someone here on the forums. They had like 500 miles on the wheels and tires though. I believe he said he purchased them from PY Speed.
Originally Posted by gds52 View Post
wtf man...clean, nice, sporty and classy wheels !
look really nice on your car.....
yr ex is get a girl i mean a sweet girl like these wheels...your ex will be burning red
You should write! And thank you!
Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
She misses the penis

Originally Posted by Thamer View Post
Car look awesome and wheels look GREAT on ur car!!
Ur ex is jealous
Thanks your car looks awesome too! I considered those wheels you have as well.
Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
Since no one wants to say it..

Pics of ex and her cars plz.
I will email pics to anyone who needs proof! Rather not post pics of her on here after this entire thread is basically bashing her. I would hate for her to find this…actually on second thought, I’d like her to see it haha
P.S. I love your car!
Originally Posted by 07_335i_AW View Post
looks sick!!
Originally Posted by christianjan View Post
I don't get it, I don't understand how it's ghetto. It looks hella clean.
Thanks! That’s the first time my car has been described as hella anything and I feel honored.
Originally Posted by 5soko View Post
Super Clean! perfect.
Thanks! By the way e90 LCI>pre-LCI
Originally Posted by hogbmw View Post
Ha n my ex said i had a small pee pee too. they say anything. my new girl don say that tho! take everything said with a grain of salt specially with exes
Well that wasn't an issue for me. She can't deny that she loved it! But yeah I just have to keep that grain of salt thing in mind.
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