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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
why do you need filtered air to cool an engine/battery? haha
Here are a couple good quotes from the EV West Facebook page:

"the need to blow tons of air through a racing engine is indeed a serious thing. 265v x 3,000 peak amps is 795,000watts. At 90% efficiency that's an 80killowatt heater that really can't be allowed to get hot. Mind you, that amount of current will be quite intermittent, but there is still alot of unwanted heat possible." - Nabil Ahmad Sean

"Nabil, thanks for the great answer as to why there are blowers on the motor. And to Zack, the final weight right now is 3400 without any carbon doors, hood, etc. The distribution is currently 54 rear, 46 front. In it's current configuration the car has 525 hp, but we're planning a mid-engine version that should top 1000 hp." - EV West

Long range doesn't appear to be the main concern for this Pikes Peak race oriented M3. EV West does have a 100 mile range Ford Ranger on their website. Most EV's I have seen do 40-100 Mile range on average. Great for most daily driving and around town stuff. Long range is still combustible engine territory. EV technology is still quite expensive and has quite a ways to go.

Here is the transmission with the two electric motors:

Under the hood: