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Originally Posted by hookah66 View Post
From my limited knowledge, I do not see any major changes in the configuration of the Ate floating calipers. From my 2002 e46 328xi to 2009 e93 328i convertible, the basic set up of the floating calipers, the rotor and the pads are identical. Just make sure the parts are specific to your built year, there is major variations between the production lines. So you must to furnish your VIN number prior to ordering any brake components. The bolts that retain the floating calipers require good torque to loose them, you must do on a lift in order to get the appropriate leverage, and make sure you torque back to the spec's without any anti-sizing compounds, for these are high tensile bolts. The rotors are designed for eazy pop out for they are retained with just one single torx. I guess it is common practice to change the rotors for those who track. You do not have to change the rotors if it is not scoured, not pitted or uneven worn. Mine are approaching 47K and I do not get any fluttering or shimmering at all. You need at least a 1/2 socket drive with deep sockets whenever working on any of undercarriage components. A 3/8 drive socket will not give you enough force to loosen high tensile bolts.
I don't have access to a lift, do you think it can be done with a breaker bar on jackstands? And what size of breaker bar do I need?