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Originally Posted by shah269
Ah's more like women are bat shit crazy!
The funny part is that I love them! I really do I love the ladies but THEY ARE BAT SHIT CRAZY! The sooner you understand that the better off you are.

And the more you try to understand them the more pissed off and confused you get. Now do you want to get confused and pissed off?

Here are two example how amazingly facking stupid women are and how much their hormones control their thought processes.

1) Woman making well over $150k a year in this economy working for a fortune 500 company as one of its top people in the HR department. She hits 35 and.....HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT MUST HAVE BABY MUST HAVE BABY MUST HAVE BABY!
OK so like a dumb fuck she convinces her husband that she....i mean they should have a baby! I mean after all who needs three vacations a year and two very nice sports cars right? And someone will watch the kid since they both travel 50% of the time! RIGHT?


She had the facking rug rat....she went back to work and in under 5 months guess who was unemployed? Now it's been a year and change their savings is GONE and the best she can land is a $35k a year job. They have a million dollar home that is under water and it's not like he's going to leave his job but she is pissed because he is never there to help. And guess who she is blaming for all of this? I'll give you a hint, he has a dick and kept his well paying job and didn't want kids in the first place!

2) Woman, making a good $100k a year as a chemical engineer for a major company. She is 34 middle management with major talent. Company wanted to pay for her to get her PhD in Chemistry so she could move up the ranks. Girl wants a kid NOW! But well she is a single girl who is dating in what does she do? She finds a sperm downer...NO FREAKING JOKE! She doesn't even know what the guys history is and has told him she doesn't want a thing. She also traveled about 50% of the time for her job. Guess what happened to her when the kid entered the world? Out went the BRAND FREAKING NEW M3 and in came the 2004 Mini. She was let go of her job because she could no longer do the work she was hired for.
And guess who's fault it is? In this case it's me. I told her that this was the dumbest things she could do at this moment in her life....and she did it so now it's my fault!

The long and short of it is this, though we love the ladies we have to understand that at best they are in charge of their conscious mind 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time they are under the influence of some fucked up chemicals. Yeah we may chase our dick all over the world but odds are it will get us promoted not fired!

So don't be a dumb fuck, don't date single moms! They are just looking to find a father for their children.
... Damn... I was going to say something but, this threw me.