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Originally Posted by jrdnlc View Post
Good shops that know how to properly install tint in the reat windows with the dot matrix around the edges? I believe they have to be sanded down a bit to properly install tint
Originally Posted by ryansungasong View Post
Anyone know a tint shop that gets over the dreaded dot matrix problem?
Originally Posted by JvfmVic View Post
Go see Hann at STM.

He's done two of my cars and no dot matrix issues. Many others claim the same.
Both of my cars were done with Huper Optik, as well as most, if not all others who had no dot matrix issues. He also does Madico film, but I can't comment on how the dot matrix comes out with Madico. Huper is a thicker film than Madico.

He actually just won a competition recently here in socal installing Madico film. He will be competing in the national contest soon, representing Madico. Go Hann!!