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Didn't read through each post... Have worked in the food service industry...

Basically the OP is fine in my opinion. The waiter should have told him that they ran out of small bills if that was the case, highly unlikely but completely possible for various reasons. It's on the waiter for not bringing smaller bills; he should not assume he would receive gratuity... The simple fact that the OP left with a bad taste in his mouth may be enough to discourage him from patronizing the restaurant again. Basically it would be intelligent for the waiter to take care of his customers and not leave anything to chance.

Anyways you don't know if they pool their tips... Hate pooling tips unless I have a great team...

The flipside/anecdote: I over tipped a waiter and they later tipped themselves an additional $10 on a $20 meal... You guys feel bad for waitresses and waiters what about delivery people... They make even less after gas and wear and tear on their vehicle... Very few places provide drivers with a vehicle and the $1.00-$1.50 delivery charge that some places tack on to the bill isn't much. Food for thought I guess...