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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
The one thing stopping me from giving them my $1000, is the complete and total lack of the slightest scrap of proof from non-mmw affiliated people (guy with mmw stickers on car clearly has no association...... ) actually having these, final units being quality, or solid hp gains (or noise at least lol) - as soon as this happens they get my money

I mean, shit, mmw themselves haven't released crap! A couple of hours with a before and after dyno printout alone could net them 10's of sales!

First thing i'd do after getting them would be pics pics pics, install pics pics pics then a dyno asap to show everyone.. Proba a video too lol
I mean, jeez.
that's my plan! Best believe i'll do some work on getting this review out there. Mine being exclusive as a "Block-Back Straight Pipe Exhaust" <-- i'm excited!

Best believe, i've made my point across to Gavin that i'm upset about the service thus far... via public posts on here and personal email... i think there's some misconception about when you take someones' money, you owe them a product -within a timely manner- and if not that, then FREQUENT updates, answering EACH and EVERY email about questions, concerns, complaints... it's simply GOOD BUSINESS.

As for the "original ship date" i remember when he was pushing for the group buy back in June/July 2011 and for everyone to expect a pre-christmas delivery... obviously that never happened and we're just now getting a few shipments after 1.5years after dropping a decent about of money on them.

I just hope he comes through with the WHOLE deal he promised me (i.e. O2 Sim included)... good thing i saved all the emails and PMs! ^__^