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the objective isn't to set off car alarms necessarily, but just to get a baseline of where the horsepower sits with zero restriction on the exhaust and then play around with different types of mufflers to modify the horsepower output. Besides that, i'm pretty sure it's gonna sound bad ass anyway lol

as for the CSV2, that's typically a core change (you send in your muffler and he modifies it) and he also released a carbon fiber lip... IMO, the lip is as basic as it gets so it wouldn't take much effort to make it in your own garage. The headers are not something you make in your common garage... usually requires precision cutting from CNC machines or something along those lines, mandrel bender, and precious tig welding... then to add on, the ceramic coating which probably has to go to ANOTHER shop to get done... so from the start, just one set of headers is at least a 3 month process by themselves for R&D and once that's been established as a "successful" product, you can start the bigger production process... So with all this said, he shouldn't have even considered making shipping promises until at least 6 months after the GB date. The PROFESSIONAL way of doing it would be to sponsor your OWN set of headers, have the process, measurements, and fitment all tested and THEN offer up a group buy...