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Sorry everyone - was away with work. I've replied to PMs.

Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
Great price!

135 brakes are cosmetically great and the only BMW brake that's a monoblock design.

The rotors are of a slightly smaller diameter than the 335s but you do get 6 pistons.
Probably not a worthwhile upgrade for a 335, definitely a worthwhile upgrade for everything else.

The front rotors are plug and play with most 18" wheels and above.

To fit the rear caliper and everything, you're looking at ~$500 labour and a new handbrake shoe (~$100 iirc)

Thanks Stuart!

OK - I need to correct my initial post, front axle stuff is Aussie 135 as are the rear 135i calipers. The rear is 'merican 128i - therefore slightly different part numbers (though should be interchangeable with 125/123 - I got them from Turner Motorsport that assured me they would fit, but I never got the chance to try)

Numbers below:

Disks: 34216778051
Calipers: 3421677469(5/6)

The calipers aren't coming up in Real OEM, but they came in this kit:

Remember, the rear calipers come with un-used brake pads.

Hope that helps.