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Why anyone is trying to defend this argument is beyond me. The point he was trying to make is the point he made. He feels that those who have achieved did nothing but step on the backs of others. Furthermore he caps off the clip by pandering about teachers and then goes even further into the red attitude suggesting that the government is majorly responsible ("roads....Made the internet for businesses"-that one made me laugh)

Hes framing an argument, getting people used to the idea that success isnt attributable to anything or anyone more than the collective.

The fact that everything Obama insinuated in his statements fits so well into the soviet mindset (read the lyrics) should give you all the info you need on where he intends on steering the ship although of course, he didnt do that. Somebody else made that happen.

I hear under the "by" hes going to change it to "somebody else made that happen", on all of his books.