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Media and Alpina - you both make some valid points. I try to go to the Ring once a month, I would go more but I live 4 hours away.

I was actually there three weekends ago and again last weekend. there were a couple of accidents or people who went off the track and clipped the guardrail. The safety officials were already there, every time I'm out for a lap I see numerous ring officials riding motorcycles out there so that if something happens they can warn other drivers. Hard to miss a guy with a big yellow flag...

You can't compare the Ring to say Laguna Seca or Road Atlanta cause the Ring is a classic track thats been around since 1927. Alpina is right it is a physically and mentally demanding track and most of the people that get hurt out there are motorcycle riders that don't know what they are doing and probably shouldn't be out there. While there are a lot of tracks in Germany there are very few that offer public driving days so the Ring is one of the best places to go here.
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