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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
Wait... wut?

Don't conservative and religious people loooooove to claim that God himself created and/or gave you anything and everything? Wrote bible? Build bridges? Cured all sicknesses? Or had a "plan" for people that died? Isn't this a "God's country"? Wasn't it "created by God"?

So how come these very same people are now disagreeing with the notion that you, yourself, did not create your own business and someone had a hand in it? Like God, for example?

Hypocritical much??
IF Obama had claimed that God was responsible for the success of a small business owner, and the religious right of the conservative spectrum were raking him over the coals for that, then yes, there would be some hypocrisy.

Having watched the video of his speech again, I could find no references he made to God having any hand in things. Obama implied that the entity which deserves credit is the Government, not any religious deity.

Unless God and Government are synonyms in your mind, the association you are drawing between these two different things is very tenuous at best.

Interesting how the left loves to milk the stereotype of all conservatives being religious zealots.

Personally, I am a fiscal conservative myself, but anyone reading my posts in the "what do you believe" thread would have a hard time pinning a label of "bible thumper" on me. I've always thought that the ideology of personal accountability is most consistent with both fiscal conservatism and a lack of religious beliefs. One person is responsible for me, and that's me. I reap what I sow, and I am not looking for divine or government intervention to compensate for ill-considered choices.