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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
Wait... wut?

Don't conservative and religious people loooooove to claim that God himself created and/or gave you anything and everything? Wrote bible? Build bridges? Cured all sicknesses? Or had a "plan" for people that died? Isn't this a "God's country"? Wasn't it "created by God"?

So how come these very same people are now disagreeing with the notion that you, yourself, did not create your own business and someone had a hand in it? Like God, for example?

Hypocritical much??
Wait, God wrote the bible? Hate to say it, but that's actually news to me. Certainly I knew he was a proficient engineer and built many a bridge. But he wrote the bible as well? Even the Gnostic Gospels? Old and new testaments? With his own hand? I just can't fathom this.
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