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Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post's been said already - forget the manual and buy the car you should be considering - a 335d!
When I got my first car I told my self that every time I change cars it has to be better/more powerful than the car it's's one of the targets I give my self in life to make me work harder...Do you seriously want to go from a RWD, LSD equipped 300bhp+ sports car to a diesel burning rep mobile with half the BHP?*

I think the 335d is your only real choice if your going to be end up going down the diesel route. But get a calculator out and actually work out how much money a diseal would save you. I did this with my 335i, comparing it the wife's diesel Civic I think for the same mileage my car cost something like 2.5 extra per day in fuel costs. I than asked my self what I can buy for 2.50? That's barely enough for a big mac *at McDonalds....

The last time I checked most M3s came loaded with spec..what else are you going to get for 20k with the same performance/ most of the depreciation has been done already and quite a few come with manual box, so actually you would be silly not to buy one

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