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Pioneer Appradio 2 SPH-DA100 install (double din)

Hello All,

After researching for ages how to install a double din into a E92 and coming up with scarse and often conflicting information. I have decided to document my install on here for a definative answer to all those wanting to know how.

I have chosen to fix a Pioneer Appradio 2 Sph-da100. I chose this over the Pioneer AVH-4400BT and the Dynavin DVN-E9X Android (d99).

I have previously fitted various alpine and pioneer units to my previous cars and of recent have been favouring pioneer because of the functionality and cost of repair outside warranty. Most recently i've own an AVH-5100DVD and a AVIC-X3.

Why i chose a aftermarket rather than a retro fit?

My 2007 E92 does not have telephone prep. and when i drove a 2011 E92 with idrive was not impressed at all. Kept thinking my nav on my phone was better. In fact before the 1st appradio was released i was trying to work out how to get my tom tom app on my car screen - check the video

I looked into the Dynavin route next. Yes is looks tidyer than a double din install, but look closely and you we see the images show 2 big screw cavities either side of the unit

Also as other have pointed out previous units weren't able to display contact names (D99 models can). But i wasn't sold on the UI or the 750 price and had heard that all warranty repair go back to the far east.

But the android side of dynavin was very interesting until you realise that it's a separate OS to the main UI and the two operate indepentantly and you'd forever be switching between the two. Plus the version of android installed is now very old (either froyo 2.2 or gingerbread 2.3) Android elsewhere is up to Jelly Bean 4.1 and newer apps aren't supported on all older versions.

That left me with gioing back to the tried and tested pioneer units. this time instead of getting a all in one unit i was going to try the AVH-4400BT with optional AVIC-F220 nav upgrade. It's a really good system and works very well however the costs were only marginally cheaper than the Dynavin

I had seen the original Appradio and reviews weren't that great plus it was iPhone only and i now use Android (in my geekishly opinion android is better depending on what device you have but thats just my pref)

When pioneer announced the Appradio 2 with android compatibility i researched alot and despite lack of android demos i made my decision.


Android users can run a ipod in addition to the phone
7 inch multu touch screen
use of google maps for nav as well as other apps
playback of drm protected videos
Built in BT


Iphone users cannot run a separate ipod
Android users require CD-AH200C cable to connect device (extra 40)
No CD/DVD drive
Compatible apps are limited more so on android but constantly added to

I've had several in car dvd system and have only found myself twice watching a film but never getting to finish watching it and most of my films are video file anyway.

I'm not really one for CD either and have been running my music off of ipods since 2005.

So this unit was looking good and the price was far cheaper than most currently 229.99 from halfords

I've just picked up a month old unit on ebay for 260 and need to buy the facias adapter and interface leads

The connects2 CTKBM01 kit includes ISO lead, facia, steering wheel controls, parking sensor interface and aerial adapter

I'm also going to install a cheap reversing camera off ebay just for kicks

Anyway i'm getting tired of typing but will be documenting the install to produce some kinda how-to guide for all to use

So check back for updates (maybe give me a prod if your interested)

see y'all soon