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IHKA coding - "Intensity" for non-iDrive? No auto-AC?

I have an 02/2007 328i with IHKA and no iDrive. I find that there's never enough airflow when in steady-state stratified mode to keep air around the head fresh like in my previous BMWs. As the weather has become hotter, I notice that I'm happy with the air flow and "freshness" if there's significant solar load but at night there simply isn't enough airflow for comfort. My E39 was pre-solar sensor so did not have this compensation, but was always "fresh" and comfortable with or without AC on (depending on outside temp of course).

Forum posts on the issue have pointed me to look for an "intensity" setting which iDrive-equipped cars have. They can set three levels of "intensity" which influences the amount of airflow felt by the passengers. This is possibly accomplished through a combination of fan speed and amount of air sent to face vents. I see no way to access a setting like this without iDrive.

Other posts asked me to double-tap the AUTO button and look for a way to set intensity there. My E90 is too early for this to work but I've seen the function on my dad's F10 535i. Double tap "AUTO" and the fan speed bar graph outline illuminates and a single segment inside can be moved up and town to tailor how much air flow you wish to feel in full AUTO mode.

Does anyone know any coding or IHKA software upgrades that I may apply to do any one or all of:
  • alter the "intensity" value which I could adjust if I had iDrive (i.e. code it to the highest and see how it works)
  • make "intensity" adjustable from the IHKA panel like on the F10 and later E90s through double-tap AUTO
  • turn on any kind of "hot climate" option (the E39 had this) which generally results in higher airflow but is not user adjustable once enabled
  • alter any parameters for solar load correction
  • hack/kludge anything which would have similar results

Failing that has there been any success sourcing a later IHKA hardware revision and activating it in an earlier E90?

I would also like to code so that the AC (*) does not come on when AUTO is pressed (just like older BMWs). Other forums have lead me to this:
KLIMA_MIT_AUTO_0 -> nicht_aktiv
KLIMA_MIT_AUTO_1 -> nicht_aktiv
KLIMA_MIT_AUTO_10/15-> nicht_aktiv
KLIMA_MIT_AUTO_2 -> nicht_aktiv
I found that only KLIMA_MIT_AUTO_1 needed to be deactivated in order for the IHKA to appear to do what I want, however I noticed a couple of odd things since then:
  1. the defrost panic button doesn't turn on the AC
  2. with the AC off, at times the vent air has seemed cooler than it should, like the AC is still running but less intensely
  3. with the AC on, at times the vent air has seemed warmed than it should, particularly when set for outside air instead of recirc

I'm fairly observant and have grown to know my E90 well enough to have expectations of how the AC works when coming back out to a hot car, and I immediately noticed the slight changes in behaviour of #2 and #3 after I changed the coding.

Does anyone know the significant of the _0, _1, _2, _10/15? I see those suffixes on several options in the IHK module and would like to know what they mean.

Thanks for any input...