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Have you ever had an alignment done with your 19's on the car? I kinda had the same issue after I dropped my car on the H&R sport kit. I installed the kit myself as I always do all my own work if possible. When I was finished I put my stock 16's on and took her for 1/2 hour ride to settle the suspension and pimp my new shit! Obviously I knew I needed an alignment but the car still flew straight as arrow and the steering wheel was perfectly centered. When I got home I put my 197's (18") on and called the dealer to have the alignment done. The next day I'm on the highway driving to the dealership and my dash lit up like a Christmas tree!......ABS, DCS, 4x4 with an !, and my brake light in yellow. Continued to drive 1 mile to the dealer and dropped her off after hours. Frantically searching for an answer the whole way home on my iPhone I came up with all the same results you did and started to fear for the worst. The next day I called the dealer to tell them about it and the service tec said my car was all set and no warning lights were showing when her took the car in. I picked up my car and headed home the long way trying to see if those warning lights would come up again. Well it's been 3 weeks since then and all is great! No lights!!!! After digging a lil bit more I found numerous stories with various variables and it seemed like an alignment was the key to rectifying it. I believe if you had a bad transfer case or servo motor the car would make a sound similar to pulling up on your ebrake when you shut your car off.
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