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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
+1, heard this on the radio this morning that the price on certain crops (corn) and livestock (chicken, cows, pigs, aka that good shit) are going to be going up b/c of a shortage in supply

Luckily, ethanol gas is so heavily subsidized by the Fed Gov't that I don't think will affect it too much (supply or price). Chances are it'll just inflate the price on corn when you buy it at a supermarket

This was actually coming from a farmer who supplies Perdue Chicken and he owns several grain elevators so he's dialed in pretty well.

Fortunately, the ethanol plant owner here locally owns several gas stations which all supply E85 (6 within a 10 minute drive from my house). He also supplies corn to local I know my ethanol fix will be satisfied, I'm just not sure at what price.

This will affect E85 prices as well as corn at your local supermarket we just don't know to what extent yet.