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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
I have no problem with the guy personally. His policies are insane and damaging. Furthermore hes spreading an ideology that is very damaging to progress.
THIS. Obama actually seems like an engaging, charismatic friendly guy who would be interesting to talk to at a dinner party. So is Jim Carrey. Keep them both far away from fiscal policy.

Comrade Scotch does not realize that outsouring is a legitimate concern for many of us who dont have jobs working on systems for F16's, thus making it almost impossible to transfer overseas for a variety of security reasons, regardless of cost effective it might be to do so.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more it explains a lot of things... if everyone was suckling at Uncle Sams teat (albeit indirectly at a Military contractor), then everyone might probably be a big fan of Obama's Gov before Business approach too, especially if their work would be almost impossible to ship outside the country.

The wealthy folks who own your engineering firm probably CANT ship your job elsewhere no matter how badly Obama taxes them. They'll just raise prices, and since the main market for F-16's is not subject to the same normal market conditions as most goods, they dont have to compete against cheaper, Chinese-made F-16's from Walmart down the road. Isolation from the very harsh realities of an open global marketplace can certainly impair one's ability to see the real danger of making an environment not business-friendly.