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Originally Posted by zzzmmm View Post
It's BMW's new commitment to HYPE. From motorcycles to M1s to M packages to M4s and eventually an M for every number to 10. I hope the watering down of M stops at some point.
BMW's position as vehicle supplier to London 2012 is not hype but also a good basis for generating future sales. Especially in regards to upcoming volume product being displayed for potential customers.
Also it gives a good launch pad to cement the BMW i cars into peoples mindsets. It will allow customers to become familiar with the all electric and futuristic i3 and i8. Which could also generate a new breed of BMW enthusiast.

BMW is a Global company that appeals to customers in a global market , the brand had to expand because more and more customers were looking for more than just the conventional. The same goes for M.
M. Had to expand to cover development and material costs , Every M-Sport Packet and every M model generates huge profits for BMW M.
And like BMW , M. has expanded to satisfy a global market and a market that has changed considerably including injection of new markets which bring in more profit than existing traditional markets.

Had M. or BMW not expanded the company would not have remained independent. Which is the BMW AG strategy to remain independent in a competitive market.

Let this be the end of such discussion because there will be no reversing.
And as I said in another thread Get over it... its been 10 years already!
Step 1.