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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
OK, knock off this shit and grow-up. I've contributed more to all of your freedom than most of you have.

Again with the F-16's! We're talking about Obama saying that gov't uses our taxes to provide roads, that's it. Save your outsourcing diatribe for one of the other 50 threads.
Grow up? Considering the number of juvenile names that you have called people on these boards over and over again, you are hardly coming from any superior ground to admonish others. If you want to dish it out, you really have to be able to take it, and anyone who has read these threads knows, you've certainly been dishing it out. People who flat out admit that their posts are intended to incite others, as you did earlier today, really have no position to dictate what constitues decorum.

Once again, not actually addressing or refuting the point I have made. Deflect, misdirect, distract, but dont address. The whole danger of outsourcing is as germane to this discussion as anything else I've read.
If you have a point that suggests the risks of outsourcing are not real, or that they do not increase when you increase fiscal hurdles to those who provide jobs, I'm happy to hear it, even if it comes laced with the usual degree of name-calling. If you are right, wouldnt it be easy to tear me a new one with irrefutable logic? You seem like the kind of person who would enjoy that. Telling me to take my points elsewhere can't be nearly as satisfying.

I guess I hit close to home there. I kinda figured as much when you mentioned that your firm was actually hiring people during the worst of this huge economic downturn. You are aware that other have suffered, but since your firm has been spared, you really can't appreciate the gravity of the situation.