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Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
Tell your friend to break into the merchants shop and steal his car back. and then hope the merchant doesn't know his real identity. He's already a criminal, what could go wrong?
That was funny, LOL.

As said before, after this, he is no longer in my life.

To clear a few things:

1. The car is in his name, credit card in a business name, the merchant knew this before processing and processed the transaction anyways over the phone without verifying any type of id.

2. He spoke to a lawyer and you are all correct, he got a voice recording of the extortion options that were given to him and will be headed down there soon.

3. The merchant didn't call the bank to verify the card, he processed the transaction then waited days later to call and report it as he thought it may of been fraudulent.

4.The merchant had no immediate proof, besides his word that he was charged, so this case pretty much looks like it's in the bag.

Thank you guys for all your responses and ideas. Slowly but surely as i've gotten older i've had to cut more and more people out my life because of their irrational decisions but...that's life i suppose.