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This thread is a testament to just how sick the political "discussion" is both on these boards and all across the nation.

Take this statement by Obama. He made the error of saying something which could so easily be taken out of context and provide justification for his ridicule, in the ears of conservatives. The discussion isn't about the actual required level of fiscal policy (as it should be), but rather false criticism by those clinging onto a misquoted line from a speech.

Then of course the Romney campaign molds that misquote (to maximum ill effect) into a campaign ad, which in my eyes, is about equal to a blatant lie (and it wouldn't be the first). Much like Gamoto's first post itt (convenient break in quotes, don't you think?)

What we should be doing is picking apart recent CBO reports and how each party's proposed policies might play out, considering some historical context. I guess no one wants to do any meaningful analysis when it's so easy to shout across the isle...