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Originally Posted by Rossi_116d View Post
+1, I know what you mean Dick. i still live in regret every time i drive my M3. Tha iss why i am so bitter towards you guys, its nothing personal its just that you point out my mistake every day and it kills me inside knowing i wasted all this money on a car which is seen as a joke in the BMW community.

I dunno why i attack you guys so much, i really should listen more and look up to you boys. You and Pcock seem to have it all (looks, money, intelligence, wife, kids, lifestyle, job etc) and i guess i'm just a bit jealous. I should take note and follow in your footsteps so i never make a similar mistake.
dont follow me uleh, shit why would you want to get married and spawn little ones

Nah stay single bang all them hot chicks cruisin town. stay the baws and leave your saturdays to sipping lattes at middle park not kids sport. Then when your older you can move to manilla and and do it all again like your a young'n with all the other expats