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I dropped my e90 325i off this morning at the Stealers to get the Performance Brakes installed and raised with the SA that when starting my car cold it seems to rev high up to 1500 and drop back down to 600 and repeats this. When I put it in gear it lurches forward (or back if in reverse) and is very dangerous. The only way I can stop it is by placing into neutral and giving the engine a rev which seems to resolve the issue. It only happens when the engine is cold.

He mentioned BMW is aware of the issue and it is referred to as "vehicle hunting on cold start" and that there will be a flash update due in July to fix it on the 325 and 330's. I have had him place me on the notification list so when the fix is available I can get the flash update done next month.

Thought you might like to know if you are experiencing the same problem....

Have a good one...

I am told the flash update to address this problem will be available as of 23 July 2012, for Stealers to download and update for free. I am getting mine done shortly thereafter so hopefully will fix this issue.

May be worth checking with your Stealer if you have a 325/330 and the same problem.