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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
No. You are saying that. He's saying that the American school system had to be there to provide the education. Nobody's saying that people "didn't earn" anything.

It's really amazingly simple, especially considering that probably all of us have benefitted from a good education. There are places in the world (and right here) where a quality education is not available.
People become blind and deaf when politics are involved, you can’t hear the words because you want ‘your team’ to win, and you want to be ‘right’.

Let’s break it down (I’ll paraphrase, but not slant the message):
Roads and bridges, if you’ve got a business you didn’t build that – That is the school in my analogy.

You think you got there because you worked harder – I think the good student would say ‘absolutely’ – there are a whole bunch of hard working people out there – Maybe they are hard working, but ineffective.

You think you’re just so smart – The good student would say ‘I may be smart, but I also show up to class and focus on the material that is important to do well in the class.

Somebody helped you – The good student may say ‘I stayed after class and the teacher helped me figure out what I was doing wrong’ or ‘A couple other students and I formed a study group’ or ‘My mom helped me understand’ etc – This should not take away from the students accomplishments. The student figured it out.

Small business owners ‘figure it out’ using the same tools and resources that are (and here’s the important part) available to everybody. The business owner/creator may not be the smartest guy in the room, or the hardest working but he managed to see a void and used his smarts and hard work efficiently to fill it.

It is clear that Obama is pandering to a group of C and below students in this speech.